Living with Invisalign: Let’s Talk Good Habits 


What is it like living with Invisalign clear aligners? The key to success is developing a few easy habits!

Invisalign is an incredible choice for teeth alignment for those who do not want to deal with braces. They are clear, relatively comfortable, and can be removed to eat, drink, or brush and floss!

Invisalign has many benefits, but they still need to be maintained and used correctly. They are not meant to stay in for eating, and do not drink anything other than water while wearing them. 

To avoid losing them, which can be easy, always put them in a storage case and consider a lanyard or GPS tracker. These clear aligners are investments, you want to keep them safe.

This article from Nations Dental Studio in Nashville, TN, discusses some of the best maintenance and daily habits for thriving with Invisalign clear aligners.


Key Takeaways

  • Daily cleaning routines are essential for maintaining aligner clarity and hygiene.
  • Avoid certain foods and drinks to prevent staining and damage.
  • Proper storage of aligners helps prevent loss and damage.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing after meals.
  • Regular check-ins with your dentist keep your treatment on track.
Living with Invisalign


Living with Invisalign: Maintenance


Keeping your Invisalign aligners in top condition requires consistent care. 

This involves regular cleaning and proper handling to prevent damage and maintain hygiene. 

Daily maintenance keeps your aligners clear and free from bacteria, which is crucial for the success of your treatment.

Regularly rinsing, brushing, and soaking your aligners are essential steps in the maintenance process. 

Making these practices a part of your daily routine allows you to keep your aligners clean and comfortable, providing optimal results.


Rinse Your Aligners When You Remove Them

Whenever you remove your aligners, give them a quick rinse. 

This helps remove saliva and plaque buildup that accumulates while wearing them. A simple rinse under lukewarm water can also prevent bacteria growth and keep your aligners fresh.


Brush and Floss After Eating

Before reinserting your aligners after a meal, it’s important to brush and floss your teeth. If you put your aligners in before brushing, you may increase your chance of cavities. 

A clean mouth helps maintain your treatment’s effectiveness and overall oral health.


Soak Aligners Daily

Eliminate stains and bacteria by soaking your aligners daily. 

Use Invisalign cleaning crystals or a gentle, clear antibacterial soap with lukewarm water. Let your aligners soak for about 15 minutes, then brush them with a soft-bristle toothbrush. 

This routine keeps your aligners clear and hygienic, creating a more comfortable experience.


Living with Invisalign: Preventing Loss and Damage


Keeping your Invisalign aligners safe and undamaged requires a commitment to good habits. 

Losing or damaging aligners can delay progress and add extra costs. Therefore, it’s important to adopt habits that protect your aligners every day.

Always store your aligners in their case when they are not in use. This practice helps prevent loss and keeps them clean. 

Eating or drinking anything other than water with your aligners in can lead to staining or damage, so always remove them before meals. 

Keeping your aligner case with you at all times means you have a safe place to store them. 

Lastly, setting reminders to reinsert your aligners after meals can help maintain consistency in your treatment.


  • Always store aligners in their case when not in use.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything other than water with aligners in.
  • Keep the aligner case with you at all times.
  • Set reminders to help remember to reinsert aligners after meals.


Living with Invisalign: Eating and Drinking


Invisalign aligners give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods without many restrictions. 

However, certain foods and drinks can stain or damage your aligners, making it essential to manage your diet carefully. Removing your aligners before eating prevents food particles from getting trapped, which could cause cavities and bad breath.

Dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine can stain your aligners, so it’s best to avoid them while wearing aligners. 

Brushing your teeth after eating before reinserting aligners helps remove any food particles and plaque. Limiting sugary and acidic foods that can cause tooth decay is also important. 

Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and helps rinse away food particles.


  1. Remove aligners before eating any food.
  2. Avoid dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine.
  3. Brush teeth after eating before reinserting aligners.
  4. Limit sugary and acidic foods that can cause tooth decay.
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help rinse away food particles.


With these tips, you can protect your aligners and maintain excellent oral hygiene throughout your Invisalign treatment.


Common Questions About Living with Invisalign


How Long Do I Need to Wear My Aligners Each Day?

You need to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. This daily wear time is necessary for effective treatment. Removing them only for eating, drinking (except water), and oral hygiene routines helps keep your treatment on track. 

Consistency is key, as wearing the aligners less than the recommended time can delay the progress and extend the overall treatment duration.


Can I Play Sports with Invisalign?

Yes, you can play sports with Invisalign. 

However, there are some precautions to take. It’s advisable to wear a mouthguard over your aligners to protect both your teeth and the aligners from any impact. 

A custom-made mouthguard is a great option as it fits better and provides optimal protection. Remember, the aligners are removable, so if you feel more comfortable playing without them, you can take them out, but always store them safely in their case.


What If I Lose an Aligner?

Losing an aligner can be stressful, but there are steps to take. First, contact your dentist immediately. They will guide you on the best course of action, which may include wearing the previous set of aligners or moving on to the next set while a replacement is ordered. 

Always keep your aligners in their case when not in use to minimize the risk of losing them.


Closing Thoughts: The Best Invisalign Provider Nashville has to Offer!


Now that you have a better idea about the impact Invisalign has on daily life and the necessary habits to develop, you can decide between clear aligners and traditional braces. 

The benefits of Invisalign clear aligners are CLEAR: They’re removable, discrete, and comfortable. If you can take them out to eat and drink while not losing them- you’ll be just fine.

If it is time to take the next steps, schedule a consultation with the experts at Nations Dental Studio in Nashville, TN. We offer the best Invisalign services Nashville has to offer! You will experience a welcoming, home-like atmosphere, and we always treat our clients like family. Visit us at our homepage HERE. Call today!




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